The Phoenix Experience Unfolds

Harwood residents will relish in the convenience of living in Phoenix, Arizona. Known for its scenic beauty, plentiful sunshine, and historic southwest culture, our community is located within close proximity to employment opportunities, outdoor activities, cultured nightlife, and excellent dining.

The Neighborhood

Cave Creek Living

Cave Creek offers a unique blend of modern amenities and rustic appeal. Surrounded by majestic mountain views and pristine desert scenery, Cave Creek living seamlessly integrates outdoor adventure with urban convenience. From exploring the rugged trails of Cave Creek Regional Park to savoring authentic Southwestern cuisine in the quaint downtown area, this neighborhood captivates with its rich history, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Discover the allure of Cave Creek and experience the essence of Arizona living at its finest.

Harwood is Perfectly Located

Harwood at Cave Creek is perfectly located, offering residents an ideal blend of accessibility and natural beauty. Situated just a short drive from downtown Phoenix, Harwood provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling city while remaining conveniently close to urban amenities. Its strategic location near major highways and thoroughfares ensures easy access to neighboring communities and attractions, making it an excellent home base for exploring the diverse offerings of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Moreover, nestled amidst the stunning Sonoran Desert landscape, Harwood boasts unparalleled scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities right at its doorstep. Whether it's hiking along scenic trails, enjoying horseback riding adventures, or simply soaking in the breathtaking desert vistas, Harwood offers a perfect balance of tranquility and convenience in one of Arizona's most captivating regions.